Joining as a Ninja

Er macht mir einfach mega viel Spass. If I didn't come to CoderDojo I wouldn't have learned any of these cool programs. So many people come here and share the same creativity.

Registering to the CoderDojo Zurich

Register to the next event of our CoderDojo Zürich Meetup Group.

Or, depending on your age, get your parents to register you to the Meetup Group.

Do I need to know programming or computers?

Not at all!

We are happy to help you setup your computer and show how to use it. No prior experience is required. At the very start a browser is enough.

What language do I need to speak?

The tools we use for beginners (Lightbot, Scratch) have been translated to many different languages.

Our mentors speak English, German, Italian, French and Polish. Also parents that know more languages often help if needed.

The printed out materials are available in German and English. More advanced tools and instructions come in English.

What are the CoderDojo rules?

We have only one rule:


If you have any questions, problems, you are stuck or looking for new ideas, just ask other ninjas, a mentor, or parents for help.

How old ninjas can attend CoderDojo?

We are open for anyone at the age 7-17.

If you are a bit younger, you can also join and see how you like it.

What computer should I bring?

You will need a computer with a keyboard that you can read and a mouse. Our youngest ninjas will also need to have flash installed for Lightbot.

If you’re not sure about it, follow this link on the computer you will bring to CoderDojo and press the yellow button. We can help you with that at the beginning of CoderDojo session.

May I use a tablet/iPad?

Only very basic programming is possible using a tablet. You can find a Lightbot and use Scratch on your Tablet. It is suitable for starting session for 6-7 year old, but later it is recommended to have a laptop.

May I use a Raspberry PI?

Using Raspberry PI could be done by teenagers working with text programming.

In Liip, we don’t have access to any external screens/keyboards, so you will need to bring it all with you. If you do that, you can learn with a Raspberry PI instead of a laptop.

Is there a break during CoderDojo?

Yes, there is! In the middle of each workshop we make a 10 minute break from the computers. You can then meet other ninjas, play fussball, see what others are doing, get some fresh air.

Bring a snack and something to drink during the break.

I am over 18, may I learn programming during CoderDojo?

CoderDojo is dedicated to ninjas between 7-17.

If you would like to learn programming, you can have a look at some other meetups and groups that teach programming. One of my favourite places to learn is and there are many MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) available other than Coursera.